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One of the most effective ways to relax your body and reduce muscular pain usually associated with stress, injury or some chronic conditions.


Massages has been proven to induce a wide variety of benefits and will improve circulation to allow better oxygenation of muscles and cells, lower your heart rate and distribute the happy chemicals your brain releases when a relaxed state is induced. During a massage a therapist will manipulate the body’s soft tissues by using their hands, knees, elbows, forearms and aiding devices. 


Massages are also highly beneficial to reduce swelling, manage pain and aid in the recovery of patients who had injuries, surgical procedures or deal with painful chronic diseases. 


Contact us for an appointment and ‘let go’ while a highly trained therapist provides with the massage of your choice.

Aromatherapy Massage – We combine the power of touch with the vigour of carefully selected and blended essential oils to give you a massage that will soothe, nurture and rejuvenate your body and soul.  

Calf and Foot Massage  – Ease away tension and stress with our targeted foot and calf massage. The therapist will kickstart circulation in your lower legs and smooth out the pain of tired feet, leaving you energized and ready to stand tall.

Head Massage (45 min) – Our head massage will use the wisdom of Chinese massage therapy to activate trigger points to treat tension, headaches and stress. This treatment will also help to stimulate the release of toxins and chemicals that are sometimes associated with neck pain and headaches. 

De-Stress Muscle Release (30min, 45 min or 60min) – Target sore and stiff muscles in the back, neck and shoulder area with this muscle targeting massage. It stimulates blood flow and circulation, bringing fresh oxygenated blood to targeted muscles to help with recovery and the release of lactic acid build up and toxins. 

Hotstone Massage (45min) – Relax and enjoy the benefits of the Swedish massage concept. Smooth, basalt stones will be heated and used to work on the treated areas before leaving them on specific pressure points to help draw out tension and pain.

Prenatal Massage (30min or 45min) – The prenatal massage is designed to help expecting mothers relax from physical and emotional stress. Pregnant woman can expect to receive relaxing massage therapy in areas that undergo pressure and tension during pregnancy, leaving them with a luxurious and happy glow a future mommy should have.

Relaxing Scalp Massage – Drain away toxins, stimulate follicles and hair growth and relax while the calming scalp massage drains away tension and reduce the effects stress can have on our body. 

Reflexology – Targeting specific pressure points in the feet, this ancient Chinese massage is a special foot massage to induce wellbeing and stimulate body functioning. You’ll also get a complimentary foot scrub to leave your feet with a smooth and silky feel.

Swedish Massage – The focus of a Swedish massage is to relief tension and stress and its more gentle and nurturing than a deep tissue massage. This massage will improve blood circulation, improve range of motion and leave you with a sense of relaxed elation.



• Promote relaxation and reduce the effects of stress on your body and muscles
• Manage and treat muscular pain
• Relieve tension headaches and their frequency
• Increase range of motion and mobility
• Improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and improve circulation
• Reduce pain caused by medical conditions like arthritis and cancer
• Treat and help with the healing of sport injuries (including post-operative recovery)
• Sleep better
• Aid the body’s detoxification process



Each session starts with a consultation with your massage therapist where they discuss the areas you would like targeted and whether you prefer soft, medium or hard pressure. Deep tissue massages tend to require firmer pressure to release tense muscle fibres while relaxing massages are gentle and soothing. Our therapists are experienced and will adjust and check the pressure with you as they go if you are uncertain. 

Part of the pre-treatment assessment is for the therapist to establish whether you have any allergies. Please bring this to their attention and they will gladly use an alternative lotion.

Massage is generally safe for most people if the therapist is conscious around chronic conditions. You’ll be required to fill-in a questionnaire to list these and the chronic medication you currently use. Your health and safety is our priority, and you are also welcome to enquire about specific issues when you set-up your appointment.

The treatment time includes the consultation and getting ready for your massage. New clients should arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill-in the required forms and returning clients can arrive 5 mins before their scheduled session time.

You can view and select a treatment from the list of massages above. A friendly receptionist will also explain and guide you through the ones that pique your interest to help you decide on one you’d benefit from most.

The objective of a massage is to help you relax and therefore your therapist will ensure you are comfortable. For a full body massage, it is recommended that patients undress fully and cover themselves with a towel, but if you don’t feel comfortable you can stay in your underwear and the therapist will work around it.

This depends on the treatment you choose and most of our treatments are done in 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes time slots. You can check this and increase the duration when making your appointment.

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