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What to expect

Upon entry, guests are welcomed and can help themselves to a complimentary drink, accented with an apothecary of aromas and scented essential oils, immediately evoking feelings of complete calm. The senses: smell, touch, taste, sound and sight, are stirred – creatively reconciling medical treatment with relaxation, wellness with beauty.


At each of our world-class facilities, high-end anti-ageing measures are partnered with preventative medicine and wellness expertise to provide our clients with ground-breaking aesthetic solutions. Each guest is set on a bespoke and personal journey towards a complete rejuvenation with professionalism, kindness and care. It is this holistic approach that has cemented our reputation as pioneers within the industry. Our approach has awarded us not only peer recognition but international industry accolades.


The SCIN team comprises renowned medical professionals and a supporting team of experienced preservation specialists. Our loyal and habituated clientele has become accustomed to strategic and custom treatment from an internationally recognised team.


It is this unique assembly of accomplished and trusted medical carers, experts in the field of longevity science, that has earned us our reputation for excellence. With an adeptness at performing advanced and innovative procedures in Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and Dentistry, our doctors resolutely set each guest on a personal journey towards complete rejuvenation with professionalism, kindness and care. In their capable hands, natural-looking and long-lasting results are guaranteed.


While beauty is considered skin deep, longevity is not. Our dedication to your comprehensive wellness is deeply rooted in science. The innovative treatments and advanced procedures administered at our State of the Art facilities, are born of clinically-proven medicine which supports rejuvenation. Our main focus? Your well-being and ultimately, your longevity. Trusted and renowned within the industry and within our own community, the SCINMed team performs comprehensive medical procedures with the skilled precision, proficiency and professionalism required to uphold our standing. 


Join the exclusive community of SCINMed clients and enjoy the results of state-of-the-art technology, top of the range skincare products and advanced anti-ageing medicine.


Embark on your journey of transformation with us, with trust and with ease.


Results Driven. Clinically Proven.


Since its inception SCINMed has been acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading medical aesthetic clinics and has been awarded several local and international accolades including:

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