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CG Vessels

CG Vessels

Using cosmetic laser technology to remove unwanted, broken blood vessels and spider veins, that appear on the face or body.


Some of us, especially as get older, start to notice tiny, red, blue or purple veins just under the surface of our skin. They can be awkward and sometimes create a bruised or veiny appearance on our face or body. Luckily with the Cutera® Coolglide Nd-Yag we can now use advanced laser technology to get rid of these stubborn and futile blood vessels. Medically known as Telangiectasia Rosacea, damaged blood vessels are tiny capillaries that break after they dilate too much.

The causes of this condition can be hereditary, but because of their tiny size and the fact that they are so close to the skin, there could be a variety of other reasons to cause and result in broken blood vessels. Scrubbing your face too hard, excessive temperature changes, sun exposure, increased blood pressure during pregnancy and even oestrogen therapies or birth control medication has been proven to promote them. 

Known as the most effective vascular laser, the Cutera® is a non-surgical laser treatment that sends light under the skin’s surface to easily and effectively combat blood vessels and broken capillaries wherever they might appear.  



• Remove unwanted red capillaries in the face area
• Eliminate stubborn blue and purple appearing spider veins
• Non-invasive, quick, and effective treatment
• No downtime and you can immediately return to work



Spider veins, also referred to as thread veins, are small, thin veins that can appear on the surface of the legs or face. Spider veins vary in colour and look like thin webs or branches.



A variety of reasons can cause damage to tiny blood vessels just under the surface of the skin. Extreme weather, sun, Rosacea, some cosmetic procedures and overall aging can induce their appearance on areas like the cheeks, around the nose and chin. 


The laser destroys the capillaries when the light is absorbed under your skin. They won’t disappear immediately and will need a bit of time to be dismantled and absorbed by the body. For more stubborn spider veins a couple of treatments might be required.

Genetics and aging can be a cause together with some other physiological and environmental aggravating factors. Medication and oestrogen therapies can cause broken capillaries and they might also appear during pregnancy due to the natural increase of blood pressure. High temperatures, sun exposure and smoking are also culprits in causing broken capillaries.

It’s almost impossible to completely avoid getting these in hereditary conditions or aging skin, but there are some ways to minimize the risk. Ensure you wash your face with light pressure and warm water. Heat aggravates it so avoid extremely hot showers and long steamy baths that forces the capillaries to expand. You can also limit your alcohol consumption and sun exposure. Ensure you always apply a good sunscreen to protect the areas that are more prone to this condition.

As we grow older, our bodies tend to become more prone to damage and injury. With this comes the increased likelihood of getting spider veins. Various factors like a poor diet, declining health and decades of sun exposure will all weaken the regenerative and natural healing abilities of our bodies.

Excessive consumption of alcohol increases blood pressure, causes veins to dilate and can thus be a cause of broken blood vessels. If this process continues for a while the capillaries lose their ability to recover after dilation and the detrimental long-term effects include the appearance of broken blood vessels on the face and certain parts of the body.

The treatment is a little sensitive. Your pain threshold, the sensitivity of the area being treated and stubborn nature of the treated veins are all contributing factors and the pain ranges from a tingling sensation to a slight stinging sensation.

Most patients can get rid of them in between 2-4 sessions and you’ll be able to see results in 3 – 6 weeks. 

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