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Our Monthly Special Offers

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Intimate Female Rejuvenation

SCINMed V&A: Intimate Female Rejuvenation:

Mons Pubis Fat Reduction is a cosmetic treatment designed to eliminate surplus fat from the mons pubis, often refered to as the FUPA, the fatty region situated above the labia covering the pubic bones. Following fat removal, the skin in this area is then tightened and lifted, resulting in a more sculpted appearance.

For some women, dissatisfaction with the prominence or excess fat in the mons pubis region can lead to diminished confidence.

Excess fat accumulation in the mons pubis area can affect women of various body types, including those who are slender or fuller-bodied. Additionally, women who have undergone abdominal surgery with a Caesar-type incision may develop a localized fat deposit below or above the scar. While not a medical concern, this can cause dissatisfaction due to cosmetic appearance.

Treatment designed to:

Eliminate surplus fat from the area above the labia, which covers the pubic bone (FUPA)

After treatment:

The area’s skin is tightened and lifted, resulting in a more sculpted, youthful and firmer appearance.


Available at the new SCINMed Pop-up, located at InUWell WellCare Group, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Email: | WhatsApp: +27 76 940 0356

Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Hyde Park Laser Hair Removal Promotion:

Laser hair removal has come a long way over the last two decades and we are proud to say that we have some of the most revolutionary laser hair removal equipment at SCINmed for you to benefit from. Light laser technology specifically targets treated areas with precision, killing the protein in the follicle of the hair to minimise future regrowth or potentially completely eliminate hairs after a couple of treatments. 


Soprano Ice Platinum®

The Soprano Ice laser is one of the safest and most advanced innovations to offer hair reduction treatments for both men and woman. Its revolutionary innovation is one of a kind and through the application of customised settings we can offer virtually pain-free hair removal treatments to people of all skin types. It targets the root of the hair, resulting in long-lasting removal and the gradual reduction of regrowth. The Soprano  also works on tanned skin, allowing you to have treatments that won’t strip away the tan. 


For March (available at Hyde Park SCINMed)

Ready to embrace a life of smoothness? 
Claim our March combo package:
6 sessions of Underarm and Hollywood Laser Hair Removal
Both for R 9 114.00


Since its inception SCINMed has been acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading medical aesthetic clinics and has been awarded several local and international accolades including:

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