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What is a partnership?

SCINMed, South Africa’s Number 1 Specialist Skin & Cosmetic Brand, affiliates with, invests in, and partners with leading Dermatologists & Plastic surgeons around the world, and invite qualified Professionals in the field to join our expanding team of specialists at SCINMed MediSpas nationally.


For those looking to monetise the value of their practice, we offer compelling value and a flexible approach based on each owner’s specific needs and goals. Individuals will benefit from comprehensive support services that enable them to focus on patient care rather than administrative and marketing burdens.


At SCINMed, we are a team of collaborators where, and as an associate or locum, you can benefit from our experienced team of Doctors and Surgeons. If you are a Board Certified Specialist who is interested in affiliating with our highly skilled team- to lead patient care, improve local communities and promote team member growth, please fill out the form below.

What are the benefits?

  • Bespoke consulting rooms, provided with advanced medical equipment and supplies
  • Take advantage of our scale, experience, and dedicated management team to streamline your accounting and information systems, allowing them to focus their time and attention on patient care
  • In-house booking system (run by our management team with over 20K+ database)
  • Provide a flexible approach based on each owner’s specific needs and goals
  • An in-house medical marketing, branding, and strategy team – to further brand and market you in your profession
  • Resources of a larger group of audience and network to help attract new patients
  • Consolidate your private patient network and take a clinical leadership role in a new clinic
  • Access to a talented and diverse network of clinical professionals, supported by experienced managers who specialise in support staff
  • Positive work culture in the healthcare professional-patient relationship

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While beauty is considered skin deep, longevity is not. Our dedication to your comprehensive wellness is deeply rooted in science. The innovative treatments and advanced procedures administered at our State of the Art facilities, are born of clinically-proven medicine which supports rejuvenation. Our main focus? Your well-being and ultimately, your longevity. Trusted and renowned within the industry and within our own community, the SCINMed team performs comprehensive medical procedures with the skilled precision, proficiency and professionalism required to uphold our standing. 


Join the exclusive community of SCINMed clients and enjoy the results of state-of-the-art technology, top of the range skincare products and advanced anti-ageing medicine.


Embark on your journey of transformation with us, with trust and with ease.


Results Driven. Clinically Proven.


Since its inception SCINMed has been acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading medical aesthetic clinics and has been awarded several local and international accolades including:

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