Get in shape without
breaking a sweat

Just one 30-minute session equates
to 20,000 sit-ups

Trim down and tone up at SCIN

If you want a tight tush and rock-hard abs but don’t have time to hit the gym, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing Emsculpt – an FDA-cleared, non-surgical body sculpting procedure offered by SCIN. Our Body Sculpting Specialists use Emsculpt to tighten, tone, and strengthen muscles of the abdomen and buttocks.

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What are our clients saying?

“I would like to thank you (and specifically Jana, my therapist) for an amazing treatment today leading up to my wedding this weekend. My experiences at your spa have been wonderful - professional staff and wonderful treatments and advice.”
"I am feeling really good, thank you. Also thank you for the balloons and flowers for my birthday. The service is always excellent at SCIN."
John Borthwick
"I am extremely satisfied with the experience and filler I did yesterday. Once again, what a pleasure it is to have someone like Dr Sli doing the filler and having the amazing support and friendliness from the staff."
R. Govender
"I just want to let you know some feedback about my appointment today. Tamryn was one of the sweetest and best beauticians I have ever had any treatments with at any salon in cape town. Thanks."
"I just wanted to thank Dr Pillay. I have just come home from my under-eye filler treatment and looked in my mirror at home. It looks great!"
"Nadine, my skin is literally the best it's been since I was 15. I'm beyond excited & can't wait for the next peel. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me & show me a better route, I so appreciate it!"
"Just want to let you know that I can really see huge improvement today. The hollowness I had in the eye area is really disappearing and my eyes are really coming forward. Cannot believe the improvement after only one treatment!"
"Dear Dr Pillay- Long time no see, I want to show you my latest look, with greying hair and very good jowls (thanks to you), nearly 18 months since my silhouette thread lift. It seems, if anything, to be getting better and better - thank you!"
Ms L.R.

Emsculpt: Your dream body sculpting machine

When it comes to slimming and toning, Emsculpt is the real deal. Think body sculpting treatment, but on steroids. Here are some of its key benefits:

Medical treatments for:

For the best results, we recommend four to six Emsculpt sessions, spaced two to five days apart. The treatment period would then take place over two weeks

*Emsculpt body sculpting is intended to supplement an active, healthy lifestyle. It is not a substitute for regular exercise and mindful eating.

Experience body sculpting at its finest

The problem with old-school body sculpting devices? They only send superficial electrical pulses to the muscles. Sculpting takes place, sure, but no real muscle growth occurs. So, unfortunately, your time would be better spent at the gym after all.

What makes Emsculpt different from older body sculpting technology is that it effectively activates the muscle tissue so that it can grow and strengthen. This is thanks to a little thing called HIFEM (that’s high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, if you want to get technical). Real muscle growth for real results – that last!

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